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Ernest and Rebecca: A Mariah Review

Ernest and Rebecca: Vol 1 and Vol 2

The following is a review of the first two books in the Earnest and Rebecca comic series from Papercutz.  It was written by Grade 3 student, Mariah.

I first was introduced to these books at the 2012 Free Comic Book Day.  I was looking at a comic book when I spied the FCBD Ernest and Rebecca story.  I started looking through that part of the comic and I thought it was great.  Then for the Christmas of 2012 my dad got me the first book, My Best Friend Is A Germ.  I read the whole thing and I kept reading it and reading it.

The books are about a little girl named Rebecca and a shape-shifting microbe germ named Ernest.  During a frog hunt in the first book she saw him sitting under a tree.  She thought he was a frog but then he started talking to her.  He called her a little piglet and she started chasing him around outside her house!  She finally caught him and took him inside. They became best friends and he helps Rebecca deal with her fighting parents.

In book 2, Sam the Repulsive, Rebecca’s parents get separated and the mother gets a new boyfriend named Sam.  Rebecca tries to get her parents back together with her new germy friend, Ernest the microbe.  When mom invites the boyfriend over for tea Earnest and Rebecca see this as their big chance to get rid of Sam.  So, they try to dump some frogs on his head but they are too late – he was early and already went into the house and they have to try a different way to get rid of him.  Nothing works, it’s no use, Sam is still in the picture.  In the end Rebecca starts to like Sam because he started to act not what she expected.  

These books are written really funny.  Guillaume Bianco does a good job.  They try to trick Dr. Fakbert into thinking she has green lumps on her head with the help of Ernest’s imitation and shape-shifting abilities.  In one part Rebecca bites the Dr’s hand because she didn’t like the tongue depressor he was putting in her mouth.  These books are really interesting for children to read.

I really like the details the artist did on the drawings.  Antonello Dalena makes the hair on Rebecca’s head so real and cool.  I like how the artist draws everything so cute and silly but when the parents are fighting I can feel Rebecca’s sadness.

That is why I like the first two books in the Ernest and Rebecca series.

This review of Ernest and Rebecca is by Mariah, age 8.

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