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Free Comic Book Day is Here at Last!

Article by Scott Tingley, May 05, 2011

Since not many stores let you take one of everything, I will now justify getting most of the books a week early by briefly talking about a lot of them. BTW, thanks Gamezilla!

In no particular order (I’ll just take them from the stack), here are the comics:


The Amazing Spider-Man

Written by Dan Slott and Drawn by Humberto Ramos = a win. A two page run-down of the Spidey origin and a rip-snortin’, no-holds-barred slug-fest between Spider-Woman (who is being controlled by The Mandrill...a super-villain talking monkey.

I have to stop there because I’ve reached my quota for awesomeness and hyphens. Great for teens and up, and not too bad if a younger kids gets his/her hands on it.


The Tick

The story is a mostly an ad for various Tick collections now available. Although I have not enjoyed the newer Tick material I LOVE the original stories (Tick: The Complete Edlund) and the Man-Eating Cow series (Man-Eating Cow & The Chainsaw Vigilante, The Complete Works), so this being an advertisement for those books and more isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I wouldn’t spend a pick on it. I would, however, walk over to the counter with it and order a couple of the collections from it.

Bongo Comics Free-for All

AKA: The Simpsons Comic

If you like the Simpsons this is the book for you. If you don’t, it isn’t.

The FCBD Simpsons books are always well done, so worth a pick if you like the series.

Pep Comics Featuring Betty and Veronica

The Archie FCBD comic.

Just like with the Simpsons book, if you like the Archie gang you will likely want to pick this up. Once again Dan Parent wrote and drew the comic – to me he is reminiscent of the old-school Archie artists and the best the company has at the moment.



Captain America and Thor: The Mighty Avengers

An all ages, well written and illustrated comic perfect for a summer featuring big-budget movies for both these characters. In my opinion this would be a good pick for younger or older readers. If you like superhero adventures this is a done-in-one comic you might want to spend a pick on.

Mouse Guard / Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal (flip book)

I’m not a huge Fantasy fan, but The Dark Crystal is beautiful looking, likely worth a pick on its own if you are a fan of the genre.

The Mouse Guard portion of the comic makes it the biggest pick for my FCBD and I haven’t even read it yet. I love the Mouse Guard books too much to rush through it - I am going to wait, but you shouldn’t.
Go line up now for it. Beautiful painted artwork, great storytelling and mice with swords. Win! If you like adventure stories and epic battles you should like this.

Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures / Top 10 Deadliest Sharks

Brought to you by The Discovery Channel...that’s what I said - The Discovery Channel!

Who knew?

The dinosaur story is beautiful and monsterific. The Shark side of the book tells the tale of one of the worst non-fatal great white attacks. Lots of blood and other cool stuff. I think the ten year old me would have absolutely loved this comic. Vicious and educational. Perfect!

Atomic Robo

THERE'S AN ATOMIC ROBO COMIC!!!  If you only have one pick - make this it....This or Mouse Guard...or this.

I don't have it yet  - but I MUST!

More selections coming tomorrow.  See all the comics HERE.

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