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Free Comic Book Day is Here at Last! PART 2

Article by Scott Tingley, May 05, 2011

Since not many stores let you take one of everything, I will now justify getting most of the books a week early by briefly talking about a lot of them. BTW, thanks Gamezilla!

In no particular order (I’ll just take them from the stack), here are the comics:

Star Wars / Avatar: The Last Air Bender

I only flipped through this one, so far, but i like the look of it. This is Dark Horse Comics’ YOUNGER READERS comic for this year. The Star Wars looks aimed at fans of the cartoon (even though it is not in the same art style). There is an alien slug thing killed by a Sith, but that kind of thing happens in Star Wars.

The Avatar: The Last Air Bender (think the cartoon, not the Air Bender movie out last year) is very nicely illustrated and appealing to younger readers.

This is a win. Flip through it for yourself – if it doesn’t appeal to you or your kids then pass, but I think you will like it if you like this sort of thing at all (a bit non committal, I know, but I’m dealing with a broad crowd on this piece).

Crimminal Macabre / Baltimore

This is Dark Horse Comics’ BOOK FOR OLDER READERS and I enjoyed it a lot. C.M. is an occult detective series and I found it funny and well illustrated. It is written by the author of the 30 Days of Night series, Steve Niles. Baltimore is by HellBoy series creator, Mike Mignola (he drew the cover for this story as well).

One thing I’m going to do tomorrow at my comic shop is to look for a Baltimore book to buy. I really enjoyed this little tale. I’m not much for “supernatural horror”, but good is good.

Pick it up.

Green Lantern FCBD Special Edition.

Did you know that there is a big-budget Green Lantern movie coming out this summer? Did you know there was a superhero named Green Lantern? Did you know you could get a GL primer comic on Saturday? Great writer, great artist = a win. I would pick this up, but if you aren’t interested in superhero stuff then this likely won’t win you over (Not like ATOMIC ROBO!!!!)

Rated For Everyone: Power Lunch and Sketch Monsters

Two very nice tales for the younger readers here. This is a nice surprise. The Top Shelf comic, OWLY usually wins for Best FCBD for young readers (in my mind), but its got some stiff competition in this book (I don’t have the Owly book yet, but I WILL. Pick it up – it is bound to be good, as always).

Sketch Monsters: A little girl draws monsters and they come to life, hilarity ensues.

Power Lunch: If Joey eats anything but white coloured food he gets super powers, hilarity ensues.

Pick it up, it’s good.

Super Dinosaur Origin Special

Super Dinosaur fights Mad Scientists. There is nothing more to say.

This isn’t aimed specifically at younger readers and I think the whole family can get into this (One arm is tastefully bitten off..seriously).

Young Justice / Batman Brave and the Bold Sampler

If you or your kids like these two cartoons then you will likely enjoy this comic. Even if you don’t like the cartoon I think you will like it. Good superhero actiony fun. It’s no Atomic Robo, but it’s good.

Richie Rich and Kung Fu Panda

I liked it, but if you only have two kid-picks, go with the others on this list.

See all the comics HERE.

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